Thursday, September 17, 2015

Birthday # 11

Ellyse decided this Fin Fun Mermaid tail was all she wanted for her birthday this year.  It came super early and she was able to use it most of the summer. She's wanted this thing for a few years now. She LOVED it!

Ellyse turned 11 in July.  She has definitely perfected more of her persuasion skills as my mom ended up taking her out shopping a few different times for her birthday celebration, plus my mom got her this pillow.  Whoops! I guess..well, c'mon who's fooled by that wrapping job?

The birthday girl used her power of persuasion to get me to make her pancakes in the morning of her big day.  ;)  I was happy to oblige to this one.

Her biggest win of the newly perfected power of persausion was almost...ALMOST getting a friend birthday party on an odd birthday year.  See, the rule in our house is it starts at age 5 and then goes every even year after that for friend parties.  Allie just had her 8th friend birthday party and I guess I was still in the party planning mode and started to plan Ellyse's friend party.  I even bought party favors at Ellyse's partial insistence before it finally occurred to me that she was turning 11 instead of 12.  So, in the interim, she had told a few friends about this party.  When I finally came to my senses, we had to disappoint some people.  However, I told Ellyse that she could invite a few friends to the splash pad for a play date that day; all the guests ended up bringing gifts anyway. Plus we had cupcakes so pretty much... I got taken. Who knew I would be outwitted by an 11 year old.  Well, that's pretty much another no brainer.  
Happy birthday to our pretty darn cute and sweet little conniver.

This is where I sat.  That way over there, is where all the kids ended up.  Tween move much?
I had some nice entertainment though...

My mom had already entertained the crap out of Ellyse for her birthday, Carson left for the MTC that day so, it ended up being the Wood side that came out for cake and ice cream that night.  It was really nice and cozy.

Isn't that a cute frame that YouTube decided to use as an intro to this video?

The Wood's have purchased about 2,497 swimming pools for the girls in the past and that one right there has definitely been the most used.  There were a few days they stayed out in that thing and only came in for food when they had to. 

Seems like a pretty special day for a pretty special girl!  Love you bunches Lesee Lou!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Family Vacation 2015. Grand Teton National Park

 Jason took a lot of the really good photo's!   

 Colter Bay Lodge.  Namesake for Mr. Colter.
 Our little miss selfie got a hold of the phone to take photo's of the face painting that we did.

 Miss Emma used her 'special paint' (water) to paint Padre's nails, face, arms, etc.  Kept her quite busy!

Minute to win it games!!  So incredibly fun!!

Sorry for the shaky quality.   A little miss was taping.  Still so incredibly funny from what you can see.

Face painting display

 Britt and I jogged along this road at noon.  It was fun but also very hot and sweaty.

I went on a little hike and ran into the deer with the 'scarf' on.  He was tagged with a plastic thing around his neck.  We thought it appropriate to dub it a scarf.  If you look closely below, you can see his 'tail' end. ;)

String Lake.  Quite breathtakingly beautiful!  The Rock had a spot to jump off of.  Grandpa Brent was the only one to make it out to the rock.

Let me introduce you to my little friend. ;)
 Mr. Fox was quite conditioned to accept our goldfish, hang out in our camping area and lie down and take a little breather under our picnic table. 

The visitor center at the edge of the park.
What a view!

The last night we spent closer to Jackson.  We were all in one fun little cabin.  We enjoyed our night out on the town in Jackson with dinner at a Mexican restaurant and ice cream from this little homemade ice cream shop.  Yummy!!

On our way home, I decided to try and find my grandparent's grave. I hadn't visited their grave in about 10 years.  I thought it was about time to pay a visit. I thought it was located in Malad but come to find out it was in Tremonton. We had quite the time trying to get to that particular spot in Tremonton that day!  Siri guided us literally to the middle of a corn field, my mom didn't know the name of the cemetery, neither did my dad. We were on the phone getting directions and the call got dropped.   Then when we got back on the phone, my dad told me to turn right instead of left, then on about the 20th time trying to find it, we FINALLY got to the cemetery.  But then, we had find the actual headstone.  Oy!  Plus, the sprinklers were on at 2 in the afternoon.  Really Tremonton?  Really?   It was a crazy story we'll have to tell them in the hereafter.

 One of my favorite moments!  The little miss T was so tired and after about 20 minutes of walking around, she bit the dust on my shoulder.  So fun and worth the back ache!!

What a fantastic trip!!  As always, the Wood's went above and beyond to make us all happy!