Thursday, June 11, 2015

Allie's Big Birthday- It's great to be 8!

This is as fancy as we got this year folks. 'I want red velvet cupcakes, mom.'  'You betcha! One batch of ugly red velvet cupcakes comin up.'

Friend party.  They only get them on the even years, so this has been a long time comin.

Such cute girls!

Swim party at the rec center!  Wahoo! No mess at our place to clean up!

What's that huge present you ask?!

Why, it's no more than a child sized Elsa!  What else could it possibly be?  Disney is like crack for kids.

Allie and I went shopping for her birthday presents. Allie is a girl with a mission when it comes to spending money!  We were in and out in about an hour or so.  She can very easily pick out exactly what she wants.  
Spoiled I tell ya!  Just spoiled!

Her Invitation- You know those two front teeth that are adjacent to those big two front teeth?  Both of them are gone now.  Time flies people!

All along I've been planning on Allie wearing Ellyse's baptism dress.  We tried it on a few weeks prior and it was draping off Allie in very immodest places.  I figured we ought not begin this journey with an immodest dress so off to the store we went.

Allie and her cousin were able to be baptized together on the same day due to General Conference being the month of G.'s regularly scheduled baptism.  It was delightful to have them be able to have this experience together.  They were the only two getting baptized that day.  I'm sure it will be a treasured memory for the both of them!

 Guests - Mammy, Read's, and the Rich's all came but trying to get photo's of them didn't quite happen.  We were so happy that everyone who came, did so!  It made the day so much more special!

Dale and Jody Jones live in our ward now but used to live directly across the street from the Wood's. We were scheduled to have another member of the Bishopric conduct but as luck would have it, we got to have him.  He mentioned it was a sweet moment to be a part of with the history of knowing Brent and Diane.  Jason was once in Jody Jones' classroom as well. Funny how things work out.

Duh me!  I was so caught up in getting pictures of all the guests that I forgot to get a photo of our family.  This was taken at the church the next day.

We are so very proud of you miss Allie!  You're one of the most obedient children of our Heavenly Father when it comes to following the gospel.  You constantly remind us to say our prayers.  You love to speak in church and help out in class.  You have borne your testimony in Sacrament meeting a few times by now.  We are so proud of these precious things you are learning and getting in the habit of doing.  We know that being obedient to our Father's will will only get you to the best places on Earth and in the Heaven's.  We love you so very deeply and couldn't be more happy to have you in our lives! Love, mama and daddy

These are just a few fun photo app photo's that I played around with.  They are duplicates of the above photo's.  

Friday, April 24, 2015

Roger, Roger!

One Sunday morning the girls were out back playing. Allie came in and said she needed food for a bird.  We were like don't take real food out to a fake pet.  She said it wasn't fake, that a bird was eating out of her hands.  We were like, Allie, we've talked about lying.  She insisted she wasn't lying.  We had to see for ourselves.  Allie doesn't have the best track record for telling the truth.  Sure enough, a bird, a MAGPIE of all the crazy birds there are, was in our backyard, eating out of the girl's hands!  We named him Roger. He was around for that day and the next morning I think he followed the girls to school.  Allie said that her teacher was trying to feed him at school. Hasn't been back since..... I wonder what she fed him?! ;)

Shrek Jr. The musical....I hate musicals!

Ellyse spent a lot of early mornings practicing for choir and this play this year.  She did great!  
I'm definitely not a musical type person, neither is Jason.  But our kid was in it so...  ;)

I will say Lord Farquad stole the show!!  Darling!

 Ellyse was in the chorus and had one little part and I didn't know when it was so this was after it was over.  

 The Fiona was pretty darn good for an elementary kid!  She worked her butt off for this role!

The rest are videos.  Enjoy the off keyness.