Thursday, December 3, 2015

Now watch me Whip!!

Allie has been working so so hard on getting her whip at gymnastics.  Yesterday 12/2/15 age 8, she finally got it!!  Hooray!

Here she is at the beginning of this tumbling gig.  My, the improvement.

September 2014 - Age 7

November 2015

 I just thought this was a pretty darn cute photo opp.
 Allie saved and saved her money for her Build-A-Bear.  We went down to Farmington station one night and got her her much anticipated bear.
 Ever heard of Well, I got chosen to host a party for Disney's Star Darling's party.  They sent us a box of free stuff to use at our party and to keep afterwards.
 Here's the party decor
 We put stars on the ceiling. So fun.
 The party people
 This was in mid-November.  The weather was good enough to be outside.  Crazy right?!  Taylor and Tiff came to help with the party and they helped me more than I could have realized!  I'm so grateful for their help!  
 The treats.

Reading excerpts from one of the 3 books we get to keep.  Seriously, check out  Sign up and apply to host!

 The kids were suppose to make up a music video to the Star Darling's song and then submit it.  I was so surprised at well it turned out!  I would definitely suggest this as a birthday party activity for your littles!  It was super fun, took a bunch of time and was pretty cheap to pull off.  This is them watching themselves.  The video is attached to this post.  Check it out.  

Here's the video:

  It's never happened at our place before. Never.  Not once. Jason and I were the only ones coming up to my parent's this year so we invited them down to our place instead.
Found out real quick we'd never hosted Thanksgiving or a fancy meal at that at our place before.  We do not have a gravy boat.  We do not have a set of matching nice glasses.We do not have one single tablecloth that covers the entire table, nor the fancy napkins that go with it. It was a stretch that we had matching silverware.
 Snobs be like.. how preposterous!

That right there is one of my favorite pictures of Jason.  Cooking the turkey, stuffing and gravy.  Did I marry well or what?

The Feast! Everything turned out pretty great!

Some of us participated in some Minute to win it games. Here are a few of the videos.

Also a little diddy from this cute little girl at our Thanksgiving feast with the Wood's side. We did this on the Sunday prior because our beloved Mammy had to go in for surgery on the day before Thanksgiving.  No fun but, this video is.

The young men and women in our ward invited the Elder's quorum to go ice skating with them this year.  Jason had school so we went in his place.  It was perfect.  I'd been wanting to go lately.  What better way to go than having someone else pay for it?  The last time Allie went ice skating she quite literally screamed the majority of the time she was on the ice.  I knew she'd get the hang of it this time.  Here she is.

Our little tradition.  Thankful Tom.

Can't let Thanksgiving get in the way of Christmas.  The Ogden light parade with the Wood's.  Holy crapomoly it was freezing outside that night!  We made it about 30 -35 minutes and were more than happy to leave the cold.  Isn't this a darling picture of Diane with the girls?


Crazy October 2015

 We began it all with General Conference.  The Activity Days leaders made these cute packets that the girls were able to enjoy during some of it.
 I was cleaning out my parent's basement and came across this old gem.  I believe it was given to my parents as a neighbor gift.  They are popcorn holders.  My dad can make some killer popcorn.  Yum!  I still have very fond memories of dad or mom making popcorn downstairs in the 'bar.'  The smell permeated the entire house.

 One Wednesday in October, there was a safety festival in Roy.  We went and had a pretty darn fun evening.  Got blown away with the police boat fan.  Got a snap shot with this guy...

 And got to ride around the block in a fire engine.  
 Allie in the back of the engine.  The inside of the cabin was super hot and noisy.

 The kids also got to go inside a bullet proof window and fake shoot a perp.
 My nephew Austin, completed his Eagle project.  He gathered a bunch of school supplies for a title 1 school in Layton.  This was the drop off day.

 He also received about 200.00 in donations and the manager of Target let Austin come and buy items with his manager's discount.  He ended up with boxes and boxes and boxes of donations.  Pretty cool.

Grandma Diane celebrated her birthday this year with us by breaking her back.  Quite literally.  We went to this carnival in Kaysville and decorated pumpkins and saw a princess.

 Then, after eating, we went and looked at a bunch of different houses decorated for Halloween.  We also went to a house haunt and after getting out of the van, Diane slightly tripped over some rocks and caught herself from hitting the ground.  During that, she heard something pop in her back.  She had to wait about month to find this out but she literally broke her back doing this!  Happy birthday to Diane!  Poor thing!  It's now December and she's still waiting to be fit for a back brace.  Lovely!

Changing directions completely, the fall was super warm and quite lovely.  This was a fall morning jog Sadie and I went on.  It was so beautiful, I had to stop and get a few pictures.

 Someone else's birthday falls in October.  Jason's!  Oh how he loves attention. Here are a few of his birthday gifts.  Can you tell that he absolutely loves Halloween?
 I think this might have been his favorite surprise gift.

  Here's a peak into Jason's yard and at our costumes.


 Ellyse had her Halloween carnival fund raiser for school.  She and Hannah did a bottle balancing game.  It was great but a very long night!

Jason's actual birthday.

It seemed like every weekend there were a myriad of Halloween activities that we attended but it all                                                                  ended with the actual holiday.

Lance and Brit and baby were all Willy Wonka characters. Emma was the girl from a horror movie. Can't remember which one. Colter was Iron Man. Jason was a scary face person?? Brent was what to me looked like a flying monkey from The Wizard of Oz.  He had a wing span of about 12 feet! Ellyse was a cat, as was about 6 of the other sixth graders in her class.  Allie was Minnie Mouse.  I put together a Greek goddess costume in a matter of hours on Halloween due to Jason complaining that I wasn't dressing up. ;)  Fun times!!